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Thanks for checking us out!

Bejamru Studio is a small independent game development studio. The studio's first title, 'The Math Problem Killer' is a high consequence crime thriller dungeon crawler in which the primary gameplay mechanic is solving complex math problems.  The player needs to enter a room, find out what question is being asked.   Then gather the relevant information from recorders spread throughout the room.  Solve the problem, then use the answer to open the locked door.  A wrong answer will trigger a trap and kill the hostage the player is trying to save.  Essentially the player either solves math problems correctly, or the hostage is burned alive by acid. No pressure.  It is pretty intense, but also pretty fun. 

We wanted to build a game that consisted of unique and innovative gameplay that required critical thinking, and we think we accomplished this goal.  But that is ultimately up to the player to decide. We like solving math problems and we think you will as well. 

So get ready special agent, there is a madman on the loose, a hostage in danger, and the only way to win is do the math correctly. Good luck!   

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